Cosmetic Gynecology

A woman is an extraordinary and beautiful creation of nature, and it is natural that she would want to see herself as perfect and complete

Cosmetogynecology services

Cosmetic Gynecology or Intimate Aesthetic Surgery covers procedures which alter the appearance of female external genitalia and make it seem more natural and youthful.

  • Pelvic or Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Hymenoplasty
  • Vaginal Perineoplasty
  • Vaginal Fibroid
  • Endometriosis Treatment
Pelvic or Vaginal Rejuvenation

With the help of minimal surgical procedure, this helps in tightening the internal diameter of the vagina, when it gets stretched during birth or owing to genetic factors.

Vaginal rejuvenation as a surgery helps to restore muscle tone, improve control and strength. It not just increases sexual pleasure, but can also relieve urinary incontinence.

Key Benefits & Results
  • Improves control over vaginal tissues and muscles.
  • Improves sexual satisfaction.
  • Improves cosmetic appearance of the vaginal area.
  • Reduces internal and external vaginal diameters.
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor, and can also help relieve urinary incontinence.

To reconstruct the Hymen, which is open in young unmarried girls. Hymen often gets torn/break due to multiple causes, such as, inter course, cycling, extensive exercise, injury or trauma.

It can easily be restore with minimal non invasive day care surgical procedure with little to no side effect.

Key Benefits & Results

Hymenoplasty also helps in boosting physical health. This is because the basic function of the hymen is to protect the entrance of the vagina from things such as dirt and microorganisms (and other things that can infect the vagina). It also promotes better blood circulation in the vagina.

There are little to no side effects or complications with this procedure if it is performed properly.

Vaginoplasty and Perineoplasty

Repairing and restoration of the loose, ageing or injured perineum is taken care of through this method. Perineum is the area between the vagina opening and the anus. And this procedure is usually helpful for women who don’t heal efficiently after a vaginal delivery or experience scars.

  • Post birth/delivery cosmetic regain (like before delivery).
  • Better control over peritoneal muscle & tissues.
  • Get away from scares & skin tag during the delivery process.
  • Better treatment for urinary incontinence.
  • For better sexual pleasure after delivery.
Vaginal Fibroid

Uterine fibroids are growths in your uterus. Because they’re typically not cancerous, you can decide whether or not you want to have them removed.

Fibroids range in size from seedlings, undetectable by the human eye, to bulky masses that can distort and enlarge the uterus. You can have a single fibroid or multiple ones.

Symptoms of Fibroid

However, you might consider surgery if your fibroids cause:

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Pain or pressure in your lower belly.
  • Trouble emptying your bladder.
  • Menstrual periods lasting more than a week.
  • Pelvic pressure or pain.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Constipation.
  • Backache or leg pains.
Endometriosis Treatment

An often painful condition usually involving the bowel, ovaries or the tissue lining the pelvis, endometriosis is characterized by the abnormal growth of the endometrial tissue beyond the premises of your uterus or your pelvic region. The endometrium, in fact, functions perfectly normal with each menstrual cycle, but because of it being displaced, it cannot exit the body and consequently gets trapped.

Symptoms of Endometriosis
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Pain during periods including pelvic pain, especially during periods, lower back pain and abdominal pain.
  • Excessive bleeding during periods.
  • Fatigue.
  • Constipation.
  • Bloating.
What are the Advantages
Cosmetogynecology services​

With age and life events like childbirth, the vagina and labia often change in appearance and structure, which not only hampers the feeling of self-worth in a woman, but also prevents her from enjoying sexual activities completely and Cosmetic Gynaecology emerges as the savior in such situations.

So if you are worried about the structure or appearance of your intimate area, don’t fret. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult us.

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